Custom-fitted German crosspein hammers

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These German pattern blacksmith hammers are your go-to hammer for most forging. The hammer heads are forged in Germany in a 100 year old blacksmith shop. The handle design is based on the lifetime experience of the senior blacksmith in his career as a professionally trained blacksmith. The handles are made in-house by a professional joiner from select timbers and custom fitted to each head with two of our forged steel wedges. The handle is custom made to fit your specific hand shape and size. Designed to used with all day without causing painful blisters or joint damage. The non-slip finish allows for a light grip and easy forging. Do your body a favour and upgrade today. Typically ships in 3 weeks.


  • Custom fit to your hand
  • Designed by a professionally trained blacksmith for best ergonomics
  • Hand-Forged Heads made in a 100 year old German blacksmith shop